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"Weirdos" is a comedy graphic novel of adventure by THE WILL PRODUCTION about a team of bloggers: obsessive ufologist and conspiracy theorist Max, cameraman and skeptic Solomiia who is shooting a thesis for the film academy and a weird cat Valerian with a checkered past. Together this three set off on a journey through the mystical locations of Ukraine, each pursuing their own goals.

The purpose of the graphic novel is to popularize the domestic tourism of Ukraine, to draw attention to its castles, routes and of course the history of our country!

Each of the forthcoming issues will be a complete story dedicated to a separate location. The first volume is a terrible legend behind the Pidhirtsi Castle.

Book size: 32 pages

Format: 17х26 cm, soft (glossy cardboard) binding

Original story and Production: Vyacheslav Buhaiov

Screenplay, Management: Denys Fadieiev, Vyacheslav Buhaiov, Oleksandr Fylypovych, Olha Vozniuk

Artists: Ihor Kurylin

Historical pages: Olha Vozniuk

Cover: Nazar Ponik