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"kiberkrai" (cyberland) graphic novel

Title: Cyberland
Binding: hard
Format: А4
Book size: 64 pages
Artist: Mykola E.
Colour: Nazar Ponik, Kateryna Martyniuk, Vyacheslav Buhaiov
Dialogs and editing: Olha Vozniuk
Screenplay: Denys Fadieiev, Oleksandr Fylypovych, Vyacheslav Buhaiov
Genre: Fantastic fiction, cyber punk, detective novel, action, comedy

Please welcome the New Ukrainian “Cyberland” comic blockbuster with a pop icon of the 80s in the lead role!

Alternative universe. In the 80s of the last century, Ukraine is experiencing the peak of technological revolution. Robotization penetrates into all spheres of society and even music, but not all people are ready to accept the new realities. Detective Zibrov finds himself in a whirlpool of events surrounding the election of a new head of government – the super-powerful Orion-1 Electronic Computing Machine, at a time when a sect of Luddites is spreading across the country.

Do you miss VHS? Or cassette players? What about straightforwardness and humour of the 80's action movies?

But we are ready to offer more! The underlying idea will change your whole world!

THE UNIVERSE OF THE WILL GRAPHIC NOVEL IS HERE! Alternative 1987. Professor Vernadskyi's technologies have affected all spheres of life. Robotization is changing society beyond recognition, for the first time, an electronic computer may become the Hetman of the Ukrainian State, and a pleasant breeze is blowing from the East Asian ocean.