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“The WILL” comic: a steam punk blockbuster

“The WILL” is a series of Ukrainian fantasy graphic novels in the genre of alternative history, in which the events develop against the background of the Ukrainian State heyday in 1918.The concept of such an entertaining approach is to involve the mass reader in the study of this historical period and to create a modern media view of the events of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921."The WILL" is the first Ukrainian comic book that became a bestseller in its category, earned a cult following and got into the libraries of the first persons of the country.


“Prince's Will” is the first volume of a new fantasy comics of adventure for the whole family from the comic blockbuster "The Will" authors. 

the sequel to the most famous Ukrainian comic book bestseller.


The Ukrainian publishing house "The Will Production" is starting to create the comic book collection "War". The comic will include various genres of stories from Ukrainian artists about the war against Russian aggression. Artists who are ready to create in this stormy time, investing all their soul, anger and hope.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of licenses to localize comics in different countries - will go to support the army.
The creation of the comic also aims to ensure the work of Ukrainian artists during the war.
Also within the project we make purchases for the army at our own expense, as well as if the artist wants to transfer his fee for purchases for the army

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About us

The Will Production - Ukrainian Comics Leader

Ukrainian Publishing House “The Will Production” specializes in creating high-quality, epic graphic novels with classic characters and stories full of heroism, adventure, humour and vivid fiction.

"The Will" is a unique project! Saturated, bright Ukrainian fantasy comics, created in the genre of alternative history.

The events take us back to 1917-1920, in the midst of the struggle for truth and freedom, with shots fired and enemies are taking aim.


Weirdos. Part 1
(License for 2.000 copies)
350 $

Book size: 32 pages
Format: 17x26cm, Slimcover

"Weirdos" is a comedy graphic novel of adventure by THE WILL PRODUCTION about a team of bloggers: obsessive ufologist and conspiracy theorist Max, cameraman and skeptic Solomiia who is shooting a thesis for the film academy and a weird cat Valerian with a checkered past. Together this three set off on a journey through the mystical locations of Ukraine, each pursuing their own goals.

"The WILL: Strike Team"

“The WILL: Strike Team” is a fast, addictive and easy-to-understand tabletop game in the tactical strategy genre. Play for the strike squad of heroes from the legendary Ukrainian comic "The WILL" in 7 modes! 

The Will Movie

Ukrainian best-selling comic book "WILL" can get a film adaptation!

The Will Part 3

The third volume of "WILL" is currently in production. It should become more brutal, realistic and intriguing.

The Will : Intermarium

Representatives of Eastern Europe will have to get rid of their own prejudices against each other and together stop the enemy


13th Cossaks Squad

The Cossack detachment was given a mission: to destroy evil spirits and find the cursed deck of cards

The First True Story

Graphic novelization of the FIRST IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY COSMIC FANTASY - the work of the Greek writer Lucian Samosatsky

Green Wedge

Ukrainian lands in the Far East must resist or fall under the onslaught of the White Guards

The Social Witch

The girl receives the power of thousands of ancient Ukrainian witches and must receive power from social networks


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